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Welcome KFX 400 Owners!
This part of our web site is dedicated to the KFX 400.  We have a ton of great parts and accessories for your quad!  We try our best to beat anyone's price so if you see it cheaper call us a 732-385-7423.
Best Upgrade for under $20 bucks!
  With the stock 20 inch tires the gearing on the KFX400 may seem a little off.  You'll notice that 2nd gear winds out a bit fast and 3rd gear doesn't have enough bottom end to pull you out of the turns hard.  Add a 13 tooth sprocket in the front and you'll be able to come out of the turn in 3rd gear rippen.  Doug Gust uses the 13T sprocket.  (you will loose a bit on the top end)
Best exhaust for the KFX 400
  Lets go down the list of exhaust systems I've ran on my machine.  Yoshimura, CT Racing (great pipe), White Brothers, and Pulse Charger.  I was in love with my CT pipe and Dirt Wheels had it ranked #1 in a pipe shoot out couple years ago for the KFX / Z 400.  Pulse Charger Sent me out a pipe and asked me to try it out and I sold my put my CT pipe up for sale the next day.  The Pulse Charger sounded so much deeper and it just ripped.  Due to legal issues Pulse Charger is not currently selling pipes so Mods3 did their homework to research some new pipes and we found some great ones.  LRD makes an awesome system as well as Yoshimura.  For Racing the Pro Series Yoshi is the way to go but for everday woods riding and trails we love the quality and price of the LRD Pro4 full system all available in our power section.
Another great upgrade for more bottom end.
  The UM Aluminum Air Box is a must on this machine to improve your bottom end.  People say who cares if its aluminum, what's the difference.  The difference is that the Air box is bigger and the opening is way larger to allow more air in.  This boxes uses an oversized 250R K&N air filter.  The mesh screen that goes over top is sold separately.

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KFX 400 Parts & Accessories

My Name is Ryan and I head the web development Department and ride a KFX400.  This photo above is my quad.  I've ran several different set ups on this quad thanks to all the prototypes that come across my way.  I hope to provide my fella KFX400 Riders with some decent info and don't sell out and get a 450 unless it's a Green.

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